Get new customers. Customers can find you on ProHub by your categories of service and geographic location, and then request your services right from the app.


Make meaningful contact with your customers, sending them notifications about service reminders and other important information that is relevant to them. With ProHub, you can easily schedule and send your customers push notifications, text messages and email.


Minimize text messages from your customers. No more sifting through your camera roll to find photos. ProHub keeps all communication and photos together with your jobs, helping you stay more organized and productive.


ProHub helps you get the job done right. Showcase a company profile that illustrates the types of services that you specifically offer to your customers. ProHub then organizes your service requests and jobs to help you achieve maximum performance.


Flexible Pricing to Meet Your Specific Needs

Pricing is broken down into 3 categories giving you the ability to choose a subscription level that best fits your activity level and business needs.


Your subscription provides you with access to ProHub. Subscribe for 6 months and get 1 month free!

Notification Credits

Notification credits are used to send your customers invitations to connect and for scheduled notifications, such as service or seasonal reminders. Customers receive notifications in the form of text messages, push notifications and email. Credits can be purchased in-app as needed.

User Licenses

Your base subscription comes with one (1) user license. This means is that one (1) person can login to use ProHub. If you require additional users in your company to use ProHub (employees or other workers), you can add additional licenses. Each user will have their own login and will be able to collaborate in ProHub.

Free 30-Day Trial

All subscriptions come with a free 30 day trial.


ProHub Premium

  • Make your profile public and searchable by customers!
  • $19.99 p/month
  • $99.99 6/months


250 credits

  • $14.99

500 credits

  • $29.99

1000 credits

  • $59.99

2000 credits

  • $99.99


1 additional user

  • $9.99 p/month
  • $49.99 6/months

3 additional users

  • $19.99 p/month
  • $99.99 6/months

5 additional users

  • $24.99 p/month
  • $124.99 6/months

Unlimited users

  • $44.99 p/month
  • $224.99 6/months

* One-time credit purchases are non-expiring. All purchases are made using In-App purchases from the App Store or Play Store. Subscriptions can be changed or canceled at any time. Terms and conditions apply.


How much does ProHub cost?
You can get started using ProHub (Pro Edition) for free and have access to features such as managing jobs, customers and more without a subscription.  A subscription is required when you are ready to make your company profile public.  With a public company profile, you can receive leads from new customers who find you using categories of service and geographic location.  Subscriptions start at $19.99 p/month.

What are notification credits used for?
Notification credits are used when you send certain messages to your customers. They apply to 2 features – customer invitations and notifications. When you invite a customer to connect on ProHub, they will receive a text message or push notification. Each invitation will use 1 credit. With notifications, you can schedule messages to be sent to customers (that you choose), for things such as service reminders, promotions or seasonal reminders. Each individual notification will use 1 credit (if you send a notification to 10 customers, you will use 10 credits). All other communication between you and your customer in ProHub does not consume credits.

Do I pay for service requests?
There is no limit or cost for receiving service requests from customers.

Do I pay for customers?
You can acquire leads, invite, or be invited by, as many customers as you like and will only be charged based on your subscription and notification credits. There is no additional cost for acquiring customers, making ProHub a very cost-effective solution

Do I pay for my company profile or for advertising my company?
No, once you subscribe, you can make your company profile public.  This will make your company profile searchable by your categories of service and geographic location.  There is no additional cost for your profile or for getting new customers.

How do I choose a subscription?
A subscription allows you to make your company profile public and searchable by customers.  This will allow you to get new business for one low subscription price.  Subscribe for 6 months and receive 1 month for free.  And the first 30 days are free.

More questions? 
You can contact us with any question that you have!